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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fortnight In France

A Time to Remember
with Dana Hanson,

Pushing deep into the night sky, the big jet engines strained and whined,
Bound for Paris at last - New York skyline faded behind.

Pavement rushing up to meet us on the long runway at Orly,
Secure in our Hilton room, we took repose, reflecting on the journey.

The huge elevator creaked and moaned crawling to stupendous height,
There atop the Eiffel Tower; behold the City of Lights, we were awed and inspired by the sight!

Standing there in the Great Hall of Mirrors and many chandeliers leaves one but to sigh,
As around the grandiose grounds we went, this place they call Versailles!

America's Embassy around and through we visited too,
Moreover than the sights, we just talked- me and you.

Floodlit Cathedrals and seawalls of old, even a statue of Liberty, what a magnificent sight,
All this we saw on a boat ride down the Seine, light rain falling through the night.

Standing on the Champs E'lyse'es before the Arc de Triomphe, the history is sure your spirit to move,
While at the other end, masterpieces of art, Mona Lisa and all hang in the great halls of the museum Luv.

Legion the steps of the winding stairway - as ahead you ran and at last I came,
There together we stood on the balcony of centuries old Notre Dame!

Many a place there was to eat but not every menu item did we try,
Hard to say between Brassiere and small outdoor cafe' - or did Jules Vern and the Russian Tea Room vie?

Me trying to use the telephone with no french spoken,
You laughing because I didn't know the 'thing' wanted a token.

Paris we left on the TJV - down to Lyon, Marseille and in Nice we stayed,
Beaches on the Riviera are mostly rock and topless which leaves some dismayed.

From Nice on we went 'round the winding road, the seaside view washed away all cares and woes,
There in Monte Carlo we stayed at the beautiful breathtaking Loews!

The name I can't recall of the Play in Monte Carlo or the one in Paris too,
Alas, my daughter, I remember being there with you!

Breakfast on the veranda then at poolside soaking up the sunshine,
And at night in the Casino, with you luck seemed to be mine.

This fortnight in Paris I will always treasure,
And my love for you to great to measure.

Love, Daddy



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. My heart aches for you. Maybe in time....who knows? Love always, Misty.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

12:29 AM  

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