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Monday, December 24, 2007

Zero to Twenty

Happy Birthday, Betsy
November 3, 1990

When I first saw your little face shine,
You were to young to know mine
Years went by as a little girl you grew,
Passing out Christmas presents at Grandmother's to those you knew
Then the world grew bigger for you with all things sensibly,
In school you excelled while others not ostensibly
Saw you like them no cognizance of how unique,
Betsy from little girl to womanhood to mysterious to speak
Now in college you can contemplate and learn,
of God's grand universe and romantic love to burn
With a smile effervescent and barretted hair,
and beauty undeniable cause all the boys to stare,
Amble through life and care not to be loquacious,
Sieze all things wonderful and not those mendacious
Like a learned lexicographer, love that which is pellucid,
And write your story on life's vellum, becasue that's you kid
You, a lover of words like me,
Dare to dream bigger than all but HE
Cling to your innocence and Godly virture,
Learn all you can and forget not your soul to nurture
So here's hoping that #20 is your greatest birthday yet, BETSY
For you deserve the best the world has to offer and that is no hyperbole!


Blogger hutchinseb said...

Thanks for posting this! It brought back a lot of great memories. Keep writing! Love - Betsy

6:49 PM  
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Well written article.

10:49 PM  
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